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What do the different plans offer?
Meet My Company offers the opportunity to have a tool with which to show your brand through the Showcase Page, manage appointments through the Calendar and and keep track of calls made and received through the Address Book. Contact us to have more information about the version best suited to your needs.
Does Meet My Company offer a free trial version?
Meet My Company hasn't a free plan, but it offers a 30-day no obligation and no-entry credit card trial period, during which you'll be contacted by our team for advice and assistance and choice the best solution for your needs.
What does "Cloud Platform" mean?
Meet My Company offers its services to users through the browser (Google Chrome, Firefox ,ecc.). It means that you don't need to installate any software to use the platform.
What requirements must I have to conduct a videocall on Meet My Company?
No special equipment and tools are needed; you just need to have a good Internet connection and be in possession of a microphone, a pair of headphones (including Bluetooth) and a webcam. The quality of the connected devices positively/negatively affects the quality of the video call.
Is Meet My Company a safe platform?
We want to guarantee to every users a new way of experiencing relationship but at the same time in a sefe way. Your personal data is encrypted in a dedicated cloud service and managed only by you. Meet My Company complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union.

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Can I schedule videocall only with users registered to the platform?
No, you can conduct videocall with Customers who aren't sign up to Meet My Company, sending only a link.
Can I make international video conferences?
Of course. By Meet My Company you can create digital appointment with anyone, anywhere in the World.
What's the Showcase Page?
The Showcase Page is the point of contact between the company and its stakeholders (customers, suppliers, partners...) and it's created automatically at the end of the registration. Since it's a digital business card, it's important to complete it with as much information as possible, such as the logo and a brief summary of the business.
Is there any add-on that I can purchase later?
Meet My Company is a platform that can be customized according to the user's needs. Therefore, you can add new tools if you need. For every question, contact us to have more information.
How does webinar work?
Meet My Company offers the Webinar for Pro, Corporate and Custom plans. Once the Webinar is created, the Moderator can invite up to 1.000 participants. The participants will have audio and video turned off, but they can see and hear the Moderator. The only tool with which to interact is the Chat. We will expand this section then, with the ability to create more interactions and have more functionalities.
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